Frandsen& I Dick You
"I dick you so much that I want your dick in leather"-service

"I dick you so much that I want your dick in leather"-service

350 DKK
It can be hard to tell someone, that you really would like a leather version of their dicks.
Maybe you secretly admire someone and want them to know that they're appreciated.
Maybe you want to tell your boyfriend that you like his dick so much, that you would like to have a leather dick, that you can carry around at all times.

Now you can buy a leather dick and have me send out a request for uploading a dick pic to the one you would like to get a leather dick of.

Men really like when having their dicks complimented, and this is a subtle but serious way of showing appreciation of your favourite man's love toy.

You can both be known to the receiver of the request or completely anonymous. 
If he, against all expectations, doesn't upload a dick pic within a month, you can choose a leather dick from the collection. :)

It works like this:
1. place your order here
2. Choose whether you want to be known or anonymous to him
3. I will send you a mail asking you for the information to send him.
4. I will send him a mail, telling him, that someone have bought a leather version of his dick, asking him to upload a picture (you will be bcc on the mail)
5. When he uploads his dick pic I will produce the leather version and mail it to you.

So what are you waiting for? Flatter that someone special, and give yourself a very special gift!