Frandsen& I Dick You

"I dick you so much, that I want to give you my dick"-service

350 DKK
Why send flowers, when you can send leather dicks?

It can be hard to tell someone, that you really would like to give the leather version of your dick.
Maybe you secretly admire someone and want them to impress them.
Maybe you want to tell your girlfriend or boyfriend how much your love them by giving them a very intimate token.

Now you can have me send a leather version of your dick directly to the person your want to impress.

You can both be known to the receiver of the request or completely anonymous.

It works like this:
1. place your order here
2. Choose whether you want to be known or anonymous to the person your want to impress.
3. As shipping address put the address for the one your want to receive your leather dick.
4. When placing your order remember to write me what you name your dick, when uploading it (so I can find it)
5. Upload a picture of your dick at (remember to follow the guidelines)
6. I will make your leather dick and send it directly to the person you're about to make a great impression on :)

So what are you waiting for? Flatter that someone special, by giving him or her a very intimate representation of yourself! :)