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Tote back pack

Tote back pack

500 DKK
Tote bag designed to be used both as a shoulder bag and a back pack. 
I see a lot of people using their canvas tote bags as back packs. For those of us who has tried doing that, we know how uncomfortable, yet practical, it is. So we've designed a tote bag, that works really well both as a shoulder bag and a back pack.

The leather straps can be removed, so you can wash the back without destroying the straps. It also gives you the possibility to buy a different fabric bag and reuse the straps.

The bag is very durable and can fit all the stuff you carry around on an everyday basis. 

Cost break down:

Fabrics:   44,50kr
Leather:   48,89kr
Velodon:   20kr
Bias tape:  12,50kr

Buttons:   4,50kr
Screws:   40kr
Thread, glue and smaller things: 30kr

Worktime:  300kr

Total price (VAT incl):  500kr